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Street Banners

Street banners are used for special events, campaigns, advertisement, promotional activity and many more.

At Circleone, we have a lot of designs that are readily available. You can select a design of your choice from our catalogue. We are constantly upgrading our catalogue with new designs. The main purpose of a street banner is to attract people’s attention. For this reason, the advertisement should have an attractive visual and a strong message that needs to be conveyed to the people around.

Whether it’s a special sale or an advertisement or an announcement at a mall or shop, street banners is the best way to attract customers. You can customize the banner. In a custom made banner you can add your company name or logo to give it a personal touch.

In colleges, street banners are effective in guiding students about the curriculum or events. College banners are also used to welcome new and old students for the new session or for a college announcement. You can design your own banners by including your college name, logo and motto.

Public and government companies, community groups and event organizers display street banners on city lamp posts to promote educational, charitable and other events. Street banners are also used to raise awareness among people and communicate key messages.

Circleone has good experience working with individuals, private companies and public and government companies. They have developed and produced bold and eye-catching street banners for many companies.

A street banner is an ideal medium for seasonal campaigns, available in many sizes, superior colour quality and high visibility.

Give your city, school, college or shopping malls some excitement by putting up attractive street banners. Street banners can capture the attention of drivers and pedestrians.

At Circleone, we have a good collection of designs that can be customized. If you want a custom made street banner, first, you need to select the design and colour, then you can add your company name and logo or date and occasion or whatever you want to add. Once you have finished, you will have your own street banner.

Street banners are the best to create awareness among people about an important campaign. Like in the case of Polio Vaccination, street banners are used before and during the polio immunization. The messages put up on these banners are “there is no cure for polio, two drops every time is the right protection”. This is an example where banners have helped in creating awareness.

A street banner is a good medium to advertise your product. Recently, The National Street Food Festival organized by the National Association of Street Vendors of India, was a three day long food extravaganza, where vendors from different parts of India were present. For this occasion the vendors used street banners to advertise about their special dishes.

Print 720 DPI , Solvent Printing , full color
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