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Product Description - Pole Banner

When a person is waiting for the signal to give a green signal, the person entertains himself/herself by reading the pole banners that have been placed at the signals and the lamp posts. Similarly, when the pedestrians walk along the street and sidewalk, they also stop and read the pole banners. By this method, the company gains or attracts the attention of lot of people.

The pole banners are generally used for announcements or to highlight something important that has been achieved by a town or giving information about a particular event. The material that is to be used is weather proofed. The printing that are used are colorful at the same time they are UV Inks. The reason why these inks are used on metal is because these displays are used as outdoor displays. These kinds of banners have to use only weather proofed Ink hence UV Ink is one of the best.

The designs that are to made on the banners can be selected by the option that we provide on our website or they can be customized as required by the customers. You must be thinking how these can be attached. These banners have a band that is made up of metal, these metals can take the shape and size of any pole on which the banners need to be affixed. These banners use bracket kind of attachment so that the banners can be easily adjusted to the poles.

The customers can use single bracket metal bands or double bracket metal bands. The single bracket band has to be used by affixing it on top of the banner; the lower side of the banner will stay exposed. The double bracket metal bands are used to affix the banners on both sides that are the top and bottom sides.

Print 720 DPI , Solvent Printing , full color
Material High Quality PVC Flex
Weight 9 oz , 11 oz, 13 oz
Color Front White / Back Grey , black or white
Art Work
Art Work If Artwork is more than 4 MB, you will have the opportunity to upload your artwork in your basket or alternatively you can email it to printurgent.com@gmail.com

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