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Range of Standard Printed Tapes.

All our standard printed tapes are low noise, and therefore are a great choice for busy operations where noise reduction is important. The clear red text on these tapes are hugely important when shipping goods that require handling in a certain way.
All our appointed professionals analyze the market demands and try to inculcate all the requisite features in the tape. What makes our company one of the best manufacturers of industrial tapes is our efforts in the up-gradation of our stock. Clients from different verticals of industries come up with new and innovative designs that reflect their business. We make it our sole responsibility to adopt those ideas and include them in our range of tapes.


  • Material/Carrier - White polypropylene, low noise tape.
  • Adhesive - Acrylic (general purpose, not suitable for cold temperatures).
  • Text - Choice of messages including 'Company logo And Name', printed in attention-grabbing red.
  • Size - 48mm (2 inch) width and 66 metres long.
  • Also Available - 'COMPANY NAME’ tape in a PVC material, which offers additional strength and resistance against stretching, punctures and tears.It can also be torn by hand, unlike polypropylene tapes.


  • Polyester film backing
  • Impact and cut resistance in nature
  • Rubber resin adhesion
  • High shear strength


  • Heavy Duty Packing.
  • Household Electrical Appliance.
  • Fixing Of Machine Parts.
  • Metallic or Wooden Furniture.

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