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Are you thinking of offering food delivery services, or simply want your food place’s offerings known and passed around among more people than those that actually come in and order? Get the word out with take-out menus. Take-out menus are great advertising materials, thanks to their portability. You can give them out like flyers wherever your target diners converge, or you can just as easily include copies of your take-out menus to delivery orders.

Even if you're not in the food business, you can also use these materials to advertise a menu of your products or services. This can make it easier for customers to order or inquire about what you're offering.  


We can produce from 50 to 100,000 of your take-out menus at a standard turnaround time of 3 business days. However, if you require it, we also accept 2- and 1-day rush printing jobs.

You can also have your menus folded to make them easier to carry around. Some of our options can even allow your diners to slip them into their back pockets! You can select from trifold, half fold, z-fold, roll fold, and accordion fold options. Check out our free templates for file setup guides so you're more sure your menus will come out great!


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