About Us

We are the leading Marketers of Graphic Designing, Offset Digital Printing, Binding & Promotions. We are in the line for over two decades providing services to quite a few corporate overseas and domestic clientele. We are keen to register ourselves as a vendor for printing and promotions services for your esteemed organisation.
Professionaly operated, we promise friendly service and a commitment to customer satisfaction with an ongoing effort to stay at the technical forefront of our rapidly changing industry. We offer competitive pricing and fast service to accommodate your needs.
We promote products of International Market in India. Currently we have two departments. who are catering to

  • EDUCATIONAL Promotions
  • COMMERCIAL Promotions

1) In EDUCATIONAL: - We promote the overseas universities/colleges/higher schools/B schools/Industy Training Institues in India. We take up the One Year promotioanl Agreement with the overseas client and promote their Educational Products in India. We have seperate Departmenet who are working on the promotional field of Educational for various countries. Currently we are printing Brochures and Information Guide to more than 200 foreign institutes.

2) In COMMERCIAL : We promote the foreign products in India, with highly advertisement and promotions. We keep the manager for the company in India and also take the products to the entire India through various medias. The industries we serve Pharma/Scientific Companies.

We assure them the sales growth from 200% to 500% in India within 5 year, with project Reports and Feasibility study.

Our timely and efficient operations quickly direct the client to a suitable and reliable growth.